Benefits of the Arts: A Letter to the Editor

Benefits of the arts

TO THE EDITOR: The Feb. 16 editorial “Encourage the Arts” gets it exactly right.

In it, the author shines a much-needed light not just on the intrinsic value the arts bring to the Plattsburgh community but also the economic benefits.

Nonprofit arts organizations are proud members of the business community — employing people locally, purchasing goods and services within the community — and they are deeply involved in the marketing and promotion of their cities.

The numbers are significant: Clinton County is home to 130 arts-related businesses, both nonprofit and for profit, that employ 933 people.

These arts-centric businesses play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy. And it’s a well-documented fact that a vibrant arts scene is essential to the health of any community seeking to draw employees who want to live and work in a creative and vibrant community.

What’s more, the arts are magnets for tourists. Tourism research repeatedly shows that cultural travelers stay longer and spend more, resulting in financial rewards that are reaped by local businesses.

Overall, the arts are good for the economy, good for the community and good for the spirit. The arts are good for Plattsburgh.

Robert L. Lynch
President and CEO Americans for the Arts Washington, D.C.


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