Future, impact of transportation in Clinton County focus of discussions

Future, impact of transportation in Clinton County focus of discussions

Third community-wide conversation in Vision2Action upcoming agenda


PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Remember, the phrase, “You can’t get there from here”? Lack of available transportation may have been the underlying factor to the saying years ago. Today, transportation continues to be the life blood for business as well as recreation and social activities AND is tantamount to the health and vibrancy of local communities.

The impact transportation has on the future of Clinton County will be the focus of the third community discussion sponsored by the Partnership for Community Development (PCD) in July. The three-part community-wide conversation will kick-off with a roundtable discussion on the weekly program, Mountain Lake Journal, Thursday, July 19, 8 p.m. on Mountain Lake PBS.

On Tuesday, July 24, beginning at 6 p.m., the discussion will move to the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum, 8 Museum Way (on the Old Base) in Plattsburgh. Participants will take part in five simultaneous presentations on various aspects of transportation in Clinton County. The presentations will include: mass transit in Clinton County; shared roadway efforts; and past, present and future transportation methods. A discussion on the Walk or Bike Day (July 25) and nybikerack.com will complete the five presentations.

The nybikerack.com website (expected to be completed within the week), will provide:

  • A listing of bike rack locations in Clinton County,
  • Details for the upcoming Transportation Task Force Forum; and
  • Information concerning the “Design A Bike Rack Contest”, bike rack sponsorships, “Bike or Walk Day”, and “Try Mass Transit Day.”

On Thursday, July 26, at 8 p.m., the public is encouraged to participate in a special live edition of Mountain Lake Journal on Mountain Lake PBS. The live call-in show will continue the discussion on the impact transportation will have on the future of Clinton County and its residents.

To participate in this live event (audience for the live call in show) please register here https://mlpbsevents.kimbia.com/v2atransportation

Bruce Carlin, coordinator of the Vision2Action Transportation Task Force, said those attending will hear from a variety of transportation and public health and planning professionals involved in mass transit, planning, and public health and safety. “It’s important to examine transportation related opportunities in Clinton County and implement a focus on transportation issues. Creating a dialogue between interested community organizations and individuals can lead to improved transportation and health.”

Bob Smith, chair of the Partnership for Community Development and president of Nine Platt Hospitality Group, agreed. “In our recreation discussion this past April, we were all encouraged to get out more and exercise. The upcoming discussion on transportation will highlight alternative forms of transportation that do exist and can be utilized to provide a better and healthier lifestyle.”


Three other events are planned in conjunction with the transportation-themed discussion. The Clinton County Board of Legislators will be considering resolutions to declare Wednesday, July 25, “Bike or Walk Day” and to support the “Complete Streets” concept. Everyone is invited to join family, friends, neighbors and co-workers by walking or biking to work, at lunch or after work July 25.

Saturday, July 28, has been designated “Try Mass Transit Day.” All Clinton County residents are encouraged to ride one of the available Clinton County Public Transit buses for free that day. Schedules are available at www.clintoncountypublictransit.com.

The “Design a Bike Rack Contest” is seeking submissions for ornamental bike rack designs in three age categories – 11 and under, 12-17, and 18+. Winning designs will be constructed by businesses sponsoring a bike rack. Designs must be submitted by Oct. 15, 2012. Details are available at nybikerack.com

Partnership for Community Development Moves Vision2Action

The Partnership for Community Development is focused on a number of goals in its Vision2Action program. They include:

  • Attract 3000 new families to the region by 2040;
  • Create a dynamic and engaged public to address our the future of our community;
  • Build a welcoming environment for new families to call home
  • Promote a sense of regional pride.

PCD will sponsor another community discussion in October focused on education. Plans are also underway for a January 2013 visioning session to review what has been accomplished through previous Vision 2040 meetings and community discussions and seek input on future areas PCD should focus discussion on.

For more information on the transportation community discussion or to register for the July 24 presentation at the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum, go to www.ncvision2action.org or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/vision2action You can also contact the Partnership for Community Development via email at info@ncvision2action.org

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