You Can Grow Up in Your Own Back Yard!

I have been grounded in this community for most of my life and contrary to the adage – “you can’t grow up in your own back yard” I am proof that you can. I was born in Vermont and have lived most of my life in the North Country. The Champlain Valley is my home. I have been privileged over the years to get the best from both Vermont and New York. I have had so many connections across our region’s grandest treasure – Lake Champlain – that home really seems like one place for me. My family history is strongly connected to life on the lake, my original formal education included the rich heritage of William Miner at Chazy Central Rural School, my nursing degree is from the University of Vermont and my ongoing experienced based education has been at CVPH Medical Center. I have been an active part of our hospital’s significant growth and development over the years, most recently the affiliation with the University of Vermont Health Network. I have had a richness of opportunities, gifted mentors, and a quality of life in this small city most would envy and that is generally seen in careers across multiple organizations.

I am happily married and with my husband Dennis of 35 years have enjoyed living both the rural life on a farm in the North Country and more recently as a resident of the city of Plattsburgh. We have raised a beautiful daughter who is now a freshman in college and full of potential. I have never tired of the beautiful diverse, surroundings we call home. Our 4 seasons, hiking, biking, boating, swimming, skiing and fresh air are rivaled by none. I am proud of this community, the“can do” spirit and strong work ethic.

I am honored to be leading the education and organizational development of our hospital and serving on the Vision to Action Steering Committee, especially at such a time of unprecedented change. From my vantage point I see so much potential and know that our future success depends on our individual and collective ability to seize opportunities and continue to grow and change. I am passionate about lifelong learning and facilitating the same in others. I know the hard work, risks, vulnerability and costs of learning are well worth it. I truly believe the richness this unique and beautiful area in combination with the people offer a future of tremendous potential.


About Julie Brunell
Julie Brunell is the Associate Vice President of Learning and Development at the University of Vermont Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (UVMHN-CVPH) and a new member of V2A. CVPH is a 341 bed regional medical center providing comprehensive high quality health care services to the community for over 100 years. It is located in Plattsburgh NY and offers a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient services. It is one of the largest employers in the area with over 2350 employees in a wide range of professions to include a medical staff of 150 physicians. 

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