Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved with this Grass Roots Movement? More information will be made available here soon. For now, please contact us to announce your interest in partnering with us.

Lend a hand and your voice today.

  • Volunteer: Help us spread the word
  • Be an Advocate: Speak out to help lead the charge for regional cultural, educational, and economic development.
  • Youth Programs: Help us develop projects and volunteer opportunities for youth ages 5 to 25, their teachers and youth group leaders.

Join or attend an upcoming special event. Check our Calendar for upcoming events.

Become a partner. Whether you are a Corporate, Community, or Private Partner you can help us through:

  • Donations (of time, etc.), cause marketing support, mobilizing your company‚Äôs employees as volunteers and much more.

Connect us on your own time.

  • Social media: Visit our social media sites to stay up-to-date on happenings and help us spread the word.
  • e-mail newsletters: Get the latest news, stories and opportunities delivered to your e-mail inbox by subscribing to this website.

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