A vision for 2040

A vision for 2040

COLIN READ, Everybody’s Business Press-Republican

Whew. I am glad the election is over. Perhaps we can now expect a renewed sense of optimism for the future — or not. I hope we do not remain tangled in the weeds, doing the same tired old things and expecting different results. I am sure we would all prefer to take the long view and look at a bright future, rather than focus on a rather bleak recent past.

There are wonderful examples of groups in our own county that are seizing today to make for a better tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, the committee that is creating the Saranac River Trail updated the public with their progress. This week, I will facilitate the third meeting of a grassroots movement of interested residents who are working to define ways by which our community may reinvent itself by 2040. Meanwhile, the county and the Chamber of Commerce are fostering the creation of a destination master plan for our visitor industry.

Plattsburgh is on the move. In that vein, I want to offer a vision of the place I would like to live in 30 years from now.

Read more: http://pressrepublican.com/0100_news/x2010689512/New-group-to-help-long-term-economic-development-plan


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