Vision2Action Report Card to be Unveiled Jan. 24 at the Strand Theater

Announcing it’s time to assess the progress that has been made during the past year, the Partnership for Community Development (PCD) will present its annual Vision2Action Report Card Thursday, Jan. 24, 6 p.m. at the Strand Theater, 29 Brinkerhoff Street, Plattsburgh.

The PCD has a big task ahead of it. Vision2Action, an offshoot of an earlier series of forums called Vision2040, was created by the PCD to put in place the mechanisms and institutions that the community needs to become sustainable during the next three decades. During the Vision2040 forums, it was determined that in order for Clinton County to maintain its current size, approximately 3,000 families would need to be attracted to the area.

Bob Smith and Devi Momot, past and current chairs of PCD, have been leading a group of concerned citizens determined to influence the region’s destiny. This ever-widening group has been meeting monthly for the last couple of years. They have taken the overarching theme from Vision2040 – that families are attracted to regions that offer a high quality of life and good job opportunities – and have helped create a critical mass in a number of areas significant to our community.

The areas that PCD has focused on in 2012 are the arts, education, recreation and transportation. Strides have been made in all these areas, and at the Jan. 24th presentation, PCD will report on the community’s progress. In advance of this community event, a special edition of Mountain Lake Journal will feature members of the PCD in a panel discussion on Thursday, Jan 17 at 8 pm on Mountain Lake PBS.

One of the greatest objects of pride for Vision2Action and this community is the progress made on the Strand Theater during the past year. The historical facility is nearly completely renovated thanks to the many individuals who have donated money and materials during the restoration project.

To highlight the nearly-completed renovation, PCD will unveil its Vision2Action Report Card to the public at the Strand Theater. The organizers of Vision2Action will share why a proactive community is essential to sustain Clinton County’s quality of life. The economic introduction will be followed by a fast-paced presentation of new things that have become possible over the last year. The event will also include a surprise performance that will highlight the excellent acoustics of the Strand Theater.

The evening will close with a short open discussion about future facilities, events, and institutions that will make the region even more attractive.


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