Vision2Action’s First Quarter of 2015

Vision2Action plans for the first quarter of 2015 include a focus on Early Childhood Initiatives and a presentation to the Adirondack Young Professionals.

Get Ready To Learn:  Mike Carpenter and the V2A Planning Committee have partnered with local organizations and educators to create a “fun fair” with informational booths.  Families will have an opportunity to learn about proper dental care and health, literacy programs and other educational services.  This free event will give parents an opportunity to interact with educators and learn the value of early childhood education in helping their children to succeed.  There will be gift bags for kids and raffles.  The Get Ready To Learn event will be at Clinton Community College in the Stafford Building from 10 am to noon on Saturday, March 21.  CART buses will be available at two pickup sites to help those families with transportation needs.  For more information on the event, visit

Adirondack Young Professionals Forum:  Vision2Action representatives will be presenting at the group’s Economic Forum and discussing our latest projects and goals for 2015 on Wednesday, March 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at Butcher Block.  ADKYP is interested in learning more about Vision2Action as well as possible volunteer and networking opportunities for both groups.

To learn more about Vision2Action, visit their Facebook page

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